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designer, specialty fabrication,


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designer, lead fabrication,


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receivables/Amazon greeter,

community ambassador

Melina graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in visual arts and communication. Her specialties include:

      - logos + graphic design

      - branded interiors

      - unique fab projects and materials

      - painting + murals

      - correcting Pablo's spelling

Pablo graduated from Central Washington University with a fine arts degree in sculpture. His specialties include:

      - environmental/spacial design

      - production design and specifications

      - project  visualization and rendering

      - steel + aluminum/mig + tig welding

      - answering 'how do I make this?'

Lucy is a graduate of Homeward Pet in Woodinville; the third rescue dog to join

the Guerrero family. Her specialties include:

      - welcoming the Amazon driver

      - welcoming the pizza driver

      - welcoming Clients for meetings

      - Guarding the shop against nefarious

         bunnies and frogs    

How It All Began

Pablo and Melina met in high school, but they didn't run in the same circles. (think Camaro-driving football player meets maroon-haired Art Club member) They each chose to attend CWU in Ellensburg, a small town in Eastern Washington which they both loved.  Pablo turned down a full music scholarship to pursue art, which had been a passion that grew through sketching hot rods and custom cars from a young age. Melina always wanted to do art,

but leaned more towards graphic design - far away from cars and smoke.

Their many years of dating included countless nights spent with friends in the studio, working on projects until the sun came up. After four years of competitive critiques

and an artistic rivalry, they graduated and were married soon after.    


Melina started graphics and marketing work at an architecture firm, and Pablo went on

to design and build for many local firms - often as a hired contractor to create things under the umbrella of a larger company. It was on Melina's first maternity leave that the idea sparked to take on these designs together, and try to forge a company of their own. 

Here we are, ten years later. From our small garage with one 4' table, to our current shop - with offices, a stream of projects, a library of specialty tools, a CNC machine, and for sure way more tables. We still battle each other over whose idea is better, and silently bet on which comp the Client will choose. But we've found that we are better as a team than we are apart. And this battle makes our projects better too. It encourages us to be challenged,

to design more creatively, to solve issues faster, improve the process, and produce a better outcome. 

Come in for a visit and let's chat! We are excited to get to know you and the brand you represent. Let's dream up something together that will propel you upward, keep you going strong, or start you off right.




Melina + Pablo  

cliffs notes:

high school sweethearts

college rivals


scared new business owners



kid 1

kid 2

back to work

more work

still working

ten years go by.

what's next?  You!​

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