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We've heard it all! Here are some of the most common questions asked by Clients during the creation process. 


I need a logo. Can't I just get one online for cheap?

Yes, you can, but you shouldn't. Not that we have anything against those $5 logo sites, or your cousin's brother-in-law's step daughter who is dabbling in graphic design. But your logo is too important for that. It is step one in your journey of launching your business (your baby!) out into the world. Stitching the subtle nuances of your vision together into one symbol that will encompass your future is a BIG deal. If you save just one job for a professional, let it be this one.  


I need an exterior sign. What kinds are there?

There are four main exterior sign types which are the most common. Each type can be illuminated or not, and if it's exterior, it will need a permit.


wall sign:

attached directly to the wall,

parallel to the building face

canopy sign:

affixed above the canopy,

secured to rib structure or rooftop

blade sign:

small projecting sign, used in tandem with larger exterior sign

projecting sign:

perpendicular to the building,

typically not allowed above roofline.


My business needs a sign. But I don't know what my building allows. How do I find that out? 

You likely have two sets of rules you need to be aware of: 1) Your landlord (or HOA) has a list of what they will allow, 

and 2) the city zoning has it's own set of rules. These rules usually regulate the size, lighting, materials, and style that your signage can be. We are familiar with all posted codes, and we won't ever show you something that doesn't fit within your zoning area. 


Do you take down existing signs? 

Yes! We offer installation and removal as part of our services. We can take down an existing sign, even if we don't put up a new one. Also, if we are installing a new sign we built, then removal and recycling of the old sign is included.


How long will my sign last?

Our signs are designed to last for years - hopefully after you've passed down your successful business and retired! Our craftsmanship is exceptional and everything we make is built to last. Our process also uses aluminum or steel that is typically powder-coated instead of painted. Painting is the industry standard, but we've found that powder-coating is more durable and less resistant to fading. Our signs come with a warranty on both craftsmanship and materials, and will be worry-free for years to come. 


Should I get an illuminated sign? What options are there?

Adding lighting to your sign guarantees that your investment is working for you day and night. It's the most dynamic element you can add, and clients are always happy they chose this route. There are many different types, all with different benefits, lifespans, and associated costs. Lighting typically adds a few thousand dollars to a sign, but the benefit of full-time visibility far exceeds the cost. Never calling in sick and always performing - your sign is your greatest, most reliable employee. 




Stephen James Kennedy

I don't need a full branding, but I need a quick sign. 

We get it! Not everyone needs the full process, and that's ok. We can do a great job with a quick logo and signage that will still look cohesive and well-planned. We're here for you no matter how big or small your project might be! 


I have a design already from another company. Can you built it?

When we, or any company, create a design for you, it represents hours of hard work and lessons learned from years of experience.

We ask our clients to be respectful of the work that goes into our designs, and not to pass them on to other companies. The same respect we ask for, we give other companies. Unless you own a design exclusively, we cannot simply duplicate it. However, an existing design can be a starting point and changes can be made to create something new. This protects all involved - especially you - and preserves everyone's intellectual property and design ownership. 


How long does it take to build a sign?

It varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. A small interior sign can take as little as two weeks, whereas a large permitted exterior sign can take about 8-10.  


How long will my permit take?

Once it is submitted, a permit usually takes a few weeks. Depending on the city - and especially during COVID or the holiday season - we have seen permits take much longer. We have worked with nearly every county in WA and can typically tell you what to expect based on your location.  


Can you start building while I wait for my permit?

It's always a good idea to wait until you get the permit before a build starts. Although we design our projects to fit within every posted regulation and code, if the permit office decides that something needs to be changed, that would require us to re-build parts we've already done,

or potentially to start over. This would cost you, the Client, for extra time and materials and we want to avoid that headache for all involved.


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