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Adam's Northwest Bistro & Brewery

Monroe, WA

Sign Type: Projecting Sign

Materials: Aluminum, cedar, paint, fir round.

Lighting: Neon, warm white


Chef Adam Hoffman, Owner

Phone: (360) 794-4056

Adam's Northwest Bistro is a local staple on main street in the heart

of downtown Monroe. Their 'Farm to Table' focus on both food and decor provide guests an experience of classic Northwest rustic elegance. Ingredients are sourced through local farms, dairies,

and artisans, offering the best Northwest meat and fish available. 

Adam's is located on a prominent corner in the heart of downtown Morneo. However, as part of the Historic District, the location allows only minimal signage in order to preserve the historic feel.


Monroe is in a state of growth with new residents moving here daily. this ever-growing community residents still struggled to take notice. They served

a loyal customer base of frequent guests, but wanted something

to draw attention and capture new business.

We designed the concept around his logo, which was the classic, iconic butcher knife. We wanted to incorporate the classic rustic feel of his interior, which shows vintage pictures of Northwest history. In keeping with his 'farm to table' focus, we thought of locally sourcing a fir tree round and having his butcher knife projecting out, as if it was caught

in the act and stuck in the tree round. 

Because of Adam's historic district location,we worked within

the parameters of  if we used the knife as a decorative hanger, it wouldn't count toward the small signage allowance.  

This design was by far the most creative sign on the block, 

Our philosophy is simple:


Every design we create, every piece we build,

is done to make your business better;

stronger, more memorable, more profitable. 

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