Hear directly from our clients. 

'Thanks to our super talented

sign builder Amigo Arts for our great looking new signs.'



Sam Largent, Owner 

Flatstick Pub

'Amigo Arts is absolutely fantastic. Your vision - you listened to my needs and you absolutely nailed it on your first attempt. You guys are incredible.'


Chef Adam Hoffman, Owner

Adam's NW Bistro & Brewery

'Our good friends at Amigo Arts 

know exactly our style. 

If you need any custom-made furniture or signs,

they are who you go to.'


Jaqueline Woodward, Owner

Sorella Salons

Let's get started!

17461 147th Street SE

Suite 21

Monroe, WA 98272




At Amigo Arts, we can design and brand every aspect

of a business: from the initial napkin sketch, to every avenue that delivers your brand out into the world.

We like to call this 'designing from the inside out.’ 


‘Inside’ designs can be anything from your logo and business cards, to menu boards and merchandise walls. These early choices are critical to creating the right brand message going forward. For example, when designing a logo, the right color choices, fonts, and imagery all convey very important feelings of perceived quality and value. 

Designs for the ‘outside’ means anything that is used

to get your message out into the community. This can mean the custom sign on your building, A-boards, a vehicle wrap, or deliverables created for potential clients. 

One of the elements Amigo Arts is best know for is our creative signage. We believe that your sign is so much more than a name over your door. It introduces and interests the customer, giving them an idea of what they can expect inside. With each drive past, your sign reminds the customer of past experiences and reinforces your place in their community.

We had a restaurant owner tell us once, ‘I can’t bring my food out to the street, with the colors and smells to entice people in. My sign now shows them the quality

I will make for them inside.’

You’ll see the results of thoughtful design

through more traffic, more sales, more likes,

more views, more attention. 

In today’s marketplace, details matter. Good design isn’t announced, it is experienced without your customer even realizing it. Things just fit together. 

It is so important for every branded element to be

well-planned and executed. It is the way your message

is shouted from the rooftops.


Make it right the first time.

From the Inside Out


Why Amigo Arts? 

Studies indicate that as many as 45 percent

of first-time customers who visit a business

do so because they noticed the sign.

Our philosophy is simple:


Every design we create, every piece we build,

is done to make your business better -

stronger, more memorable, more profitable. 

As both designers and fabricators, the same person takes your project from start to finish. This means on step one,

we are already thinking ahead to step five. This is unique to the industry and valuable to our clients. This avoids re-work, and we can design with the constructibility of each piece as it's conceived. 


This process is also more sustainable because we employ

a lean manufacturing process, saving you even more money

by reducing unused material. It not only saves money,

it saves time and gives you the highest quality product.

Amigo Arts doesn’t just take on large-scale projects.

Yes, we can do it all, but we can also do one part at a time.

We can help you with any element, no matter where

in the process you may be. If it’s one sign, one menu,

or one banner, we can help. 

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info@amigoarts.com   |   17461 147th Street SE, Suite 21, Monroe, WA  98272

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